WW2 KIA Purple Heart Document Set, 736th Bomber Squadron, 454th Bomber Group

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Very nice and interesting WW2 KIA Purple Heart document set consisting of the Purple Heart award certificate and accompanying letter. The set is named to Staff Sergeant Robert J. Cook (service number: 36408538), member of the 736th Bomber Squadron of the 454th Bomber Group. Cook was KIA on the 3rd of March 1944 in the Mediterranean Area. Cook is buried at the Florence American Cemetery in Italy. The Purple Heart award certificate was awarded on the 14th of July 1945 and is signed with the signature of President Truman, meanwhile the letter is signed with the signature of President Roosenvelt. Both the award certificate and letter remain in a very good condition as can be seen on the photos. No repairs, no damage.


Very nice and interesting KIA Air Force Purple Heart document set which deserves some further research!