Medal for the defense of Stalingrad + Doc & Photo 1945

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  • Product Code: 20094
  • Suspension: Singular Brass
  • Type: 1


Very nice original medal for the Defense of Stalingrad with photo and document. The medal comes with its original singular brass suspension. The medal is of the first type and remains in a great condition! Nice medal for the Defense of Stalingrad with no repairs, no damage. On the photo the recipient and his brother are to be seen. The document is numbered 11788 and awarded in the field on the 5th of ..... 1945. The medal and document have been awarded to sergeant Charun Kirill Timotheevich, a medical assistant of the 35th Mortar Regiment of the Red Army. Sergeant Charun was also awarded the Medal "For Bravery" for the rescue of a wounded mortar commander and a team of four gunners during the fighting in the autumn of 1942 in Stalingrad. Nice original document with some wear to it. Great one of a kind set!