Erkennungsmarke "Stamm. Kp. Gren. Ers. Btl. 488"

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Item number: 20428
  • Material: Zinc


Nice zinc erkennungsmarke related to a member of the Grenadier Ersatz Batallion 488. The erkennungsmarke is nicely unit marked "Stamm. Kp. Gren. Ers. Btl. 488", has bearers-number "2644" and bloodtype "O". The Infanterie Ersatz Bataillon 488 was formed in the summer of 1939 and supplied soldiers for 268.Infanterie-Division. In November 1942 the bataillon was renamed in to Grenadier Ersatz Bataillon 488 and was stationed in Northen Ukrain.The Erkennungsmarke remains in a nice but worn condition. Interesting EKM! No repairs, no damage.