Researched Medal for Courage "3168706"

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  • Suspension: Double Steel


Very nice researched medal of courage. The medal is numbered 3168706 and was awarded August 1945. The medal is made out of solid silver and comes with its original double layered steel suspension. The medal is in excellent condition with all of its red enamel still present. 


The medal of courage has been awarded on the 23rd of August 1945 to Georgian sergeant Nicolai Ektimovitsch Arziani member of the 481 rifle's (light infantry) regiment / 320 rifle's division. He was awarded the medal of courage for that he was taking participation in many operations, in which he got wounded 2 times on 25.10.1942 and 05.05.1945, he had participated many times in combat, and he was an exellent commander.


The medal comes with scans of the original award citation. Although the medal is researched it definitely deserves some more research. Excellent researched medal for courage in stunning condition! No repairs, no damage!