Researched Order of Glory 3rd Class "61681"

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Item number: 21465
  • Suspension: Double Steel


Very nice original researched Order of Glory 3rd class medal. The medal comes with its original ribbon and double steel suspension. The medal remains in a great condition and is serial numbered "61681". The order has been awarded to Tsikin Matvey Nikolaevich in the 1st half of 1944. Tsikin was a member of the 285th Infantry Division, 1015th Infantry Regiment and was a Gunner. He worked as a policeman in Petrodvorets before the war. He was awarded the Military Merit Medal twice, Order of Glory 3rd Class, and Victory over Germany Medal. the degree for Order of Glory states that: he participated in the battles on the Kalinin and Volkhov fronts. In December 1942 in a battle near the village of Dubovka he received a minor wound to the head and in April 1944 He received a severe shrapnel wound to the head and was removed from frontline service. He helped take care of wounded in the hospital he recovered in for the remainder of the war. Tsikin destroyed a 120mm mortar battery, destroying 40 enemy soldiers and a 75mm cannon. He received the Medals for Courage based on aggregate acts of merit and being twice wounded in battle. This is an excellent researched Order of Glory 3rd class medal with a great patina, awarded for some heroic actions! No repairs, no damage.


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